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Our Detailed Step by Step Process on Stone Surfaces for Maximum Restoration & Luster.

Step 1: Grinding - This step removes roughness, stains and scratches. It is also known as lippage removal or flattening.

Step 2: Filling - This step includes using mastik filler to fill cracks and holes.

Step 3: Grinding again - This step includes repeating the step 1 so that mastik is levelled.

Step 4: Honing and Grinding with different pads - This step includes grid with 200, 400 up to 3000 grids for maximum shine and smoothness.

Step 5: Polishing - This step includes applying polish for maximum luster and shine.

Step 6: Washing with stone soap - This step includes removing residue and washing the marble to clear all marks.

Step 7: Buffing - This step includes using dry pads for buffing and polishing.

Step 8: Crystallization - This step includes application of crystalizer so that the marble looks shiny and brand new.

Step 9: Sealing - This step includes application of sealer to protect the marble floor from suture stains from damage.

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