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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing problems logging into the app, either chat with us or give us a call. We’re here to help and will resolve any issues with the app you may be having.

If you are experiencing problems completing a request or scheduling an appointment, please contact us by either chat or call us. Alternatively, you can send us an email for resolution.

Standard charges apply once the visit calls specified in the current package are exceeded. Your contract that is available online would have the details of the package and the number of visit calls that are included. Alternatively, give us a call.

It is our endeavour to start work within 24 hours, however, this would depend on the material / spare parts required, which could take additional time. At the time of quotation, we will be able to give you an estimate of the schedule.

Call visits are not transferable and are applicable to a single premise (your own property)

Yes, your tenants can have a direct contract with us after registering with us.

First Time Users / Customers Without A Plan Or Contract

We charge AED 100/- for a first time visit, regardless of the time taken for problem resolution

If the problem requires a second and more visits, we will not charge for the first hour that was utilised for understanding or identifying the problem. Subsequent visits will be charged at the standard price.

Yes, but the hourly rate would apply and Amantra will not provide any guarantee for the parts / equipment.

Depending on your contract with the landlord, you can either request the landlord to register and you can avail the services, or register yourself.

No, it is not mandatory to enter into a contract. You can avail services by registering with us.

You can pay by card, or through the app using a debit or credit card.

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